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Winter Bloom

Winter Bloom

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Caramel, Spiced Plum, Chocolate, Cozy Fire

50% Dark Roast Tanzania, 25% México San Pedro Sochiapam, 25% Ethiopia Guji Washed

A blend true to the season—warm and comforting—but also bright to lift your spirits during the cold winter days. 

We created Winter Bloom to be a warm comfort for those waking up to a dark chilly house and for those ending their evening snuggled up to a warm fire with a good book. And as the brew warms your belly, you'll find a bit of brightness on the palate meant to symbolize the inevitable coming of Spring. Winter Bloom is a blend of dark coffees to provide the body with notes of chocolate and spiced plum (yum!). To that, we've added a washed Ethiopian coffee to act as the exclamation point at the end of this statement of flavor. We hope you find it comforting and warm, and a celebration of the beauty of winter and all it represents. 


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