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The Great North Tule - Mexico

The Great North Tule - Mexico

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Tule - Mexico

Flavor Notes - Red Apple, Toffee, Chocolate Raspberry

Coffee farming in Mexico is alive with exciting developments, and our attention is fixed on Oaxaca. This region boasts some of the most exceptional quality and intriguing flavor profiles emerging from Mexico. A coffee production renaissance is underway in Oaxaca, where many of the farms have conserved prized cultivars. Through significant efforts, many of these small growing communities are now producing higher quality lots, getting organic certifications, and earning more for their hard work.  

Our annual offering, named after the ancient Tule cypress tree that has endured for over 2,000 years, pays tribute to the enduring spirit of Oaxacan coffee farms, weathering countless challenges.

The majority of coffee producers contributing to this lot thrive at elevations ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 feet above sea level. What sets this apart is that 90% of the harvested coffee comes from the esteemed yet lower-yielding Bourbon cultivar. Skillful implementation of extended fermentation techniques has yielded impressive results — heightened scoring for harvests and an enriched cup profile that tantalizes the senses.

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